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The Thermomix TM5

The World's Smallest, Smartest Kitchen

Thermomix TM5
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Thermomix does it all - 12 functions in 1!
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Your extra pair of hands in the kitchen!

A food blender which combines 12 appliances

Thermomix ® TM5 is essentially a food blender which combines twelve appliances in one, with functions that include weighing, mixing, chopping, milling, kneading, blending, steaming, cooking, whisking, precise heating, stirring and emulsifying.

Whether your goal is healthy eating or expert levels of culinary skill, Thermomix ®  will help you by acting like a second pair of hands in the kitchen. You can trust Thermomix ® to totally grind Parmesan, perfectly cook rice, steam delicious vegetables, blend the perfect green smoothie and so much more.

Colour touchscreen display with guided cooking

The new Thermomix ® brings the kitchen into the digital age with a beautiful colour touchscreen display.

You can follow on-screen recipe instructions by using the smart Recipe Chip and the Guided Cooking function. This innovation takes you step by step through recipes right on the screen of your Thermomix ®. The recipes have been tailor-made to work perfectly with the appliance – all you need to do is add the ingredients and your Thermomix ® will set the temperature and timings for you.

It’s a simple, fast alternative that compliments the ability to operate any function entirely manually and also lets you cook your own way.

Effortless and easy to control

Despite so many options and possibilities, an intuitive interface and touchscreen make it all so effortless and easy to control.

With one screen and one selector dial, you can do it all. Simplicity has been reinvented. Seeing is believing and that’s why we have no obligation, free demonstrations of Thermomix ®, so you can decide whether it’s right for you and your life.

If you’d like to book a demo simply fill in the contact form and we’ll be in touch.