Dear Thermomix Family,

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that Vorwerk has cancelled our Thermomix distributorship (Port-a-kitchen) in South Africa.

Even though we achieved a 12% growth last year, we have not met Vorwerk’s set targets. 

Port-a-kitchen has tried to change the outcome of pulling Thermomix out of SA, but Vorwerk has made this business decision and it is set in stone.

In these past 10 years, we have loved changing lives, by bringing the amazing Thermomix into thousands of South African homes. The e mails, calls, and general stories of what the Thermomix has done for individuals, families, and charities is truly amazing, and we know these years have meant something special to many people.

This newsletter is to explain the process, what it means for our customers, details on our amazing clearance sale, as well as a celebration of 10 incredible years! It is difficult to wrap almost 11 years into a newsletter, so we have a gallery with pictures for all our friends to enjoy. Click here to view the gallery!

Please know that I am here for you, our customers and am available on or 011 974 1171 for any queries.

Yours faithfully, 
Alice Piktija
MD Port-a-kitchen


Once we close our SA Thermomix doors, we will continue to service both the Thermomix TM31 and TM5 as per normal.

We have spare parts and can continue ordering spares for services.

All warrantees are as per normal, 2 years home users, and 1 year for commercial customers.

For all services please email: or call 011 974 1171

As Port-a-kitchen will not receive the TM6, we will not be able to service any TM6s purchased in other countries.

Unfortunately, as we will not have a business, and our office team and field team are all losing their jobs from 1st August 2019, social media, recipe of the week and official Thermomix cooking classes will cease.


Thank You beautiful family

Thank you to my brother Paul, and sister in law Lena for introducing the Thermomix to me, and in turn helping over 7000 SA customers get their Thermomix in our country.

I would like to thank my family for being so supportive these past 10 years. 

My triplets were 4 when I started the business, they shared me with many customers, consultants, and whilst I did demos, cooking classes, and trained new recruits, my husband was my biggest support. 


Thank You to the best teams anyone can wish for

 Over the years, we have recruited and had over 400 consultants and 15 leaders in the field.

To assist the field, we have the most incredible office team. Without either team, we would not have been able to help our customers experience the Thermomix magic, from demos, deliveries, queries, expos to cooking classes. 

Port-a-kitchen has given the opportunity to many ladies and gents to take this opportunity and make money whilst having fun and growing in personal development. 

These leaders, consultants, and office team have in turn given their best to our company and to this awesome product. I thank you for everything you have done and especially for helping our customers to have the same joy with the Thermomix. I am so proud to have been in your lives, and still have you in mine. 

Thank you to the most incredible Thermomix customers

Thank you to each one of our TM31 and TM5 customers. We appreciate all your love and support. The Thermomix changes lives, and I’m so happy to see the amount of friendships that this product has produced. 

Port-a-kitchen may close, but your Thermomix keeps on going and giving you the lifestyle, you wish for in your kitchens. Happy Cooking!!


Thank you, Grace, and Witek Mazur

Initially Uwe Trost and Alex Guignet allowed us to start our distributorship, and asked me to go to Australia for practical training as Australia was the top distributor (and still is).

Grace took me into her home, without even having spoken to me. The reason they are so good at what they do, is because they are the most passionate and professional team I have ever met and worked with.

Thank you, Grace, Witek, Bianca, Matt, Jules, Maria, Helen, Sandy, Michael, Fiona, Amanda and all the other wonderful friends for everything!

I arrived back in South Africa with a wonderful demo, flipchart, and all the tools I would need to print, organise and train my team. It is because of Grace and her teams continuous support through the years, that we did as well as we did in our country.
There is no way to ever re-pay that except my internal gratitude. Thank you, Grace, you are a Blessing in my life.

Thank you to Vorwerk colleagues, distributors, suppliers and friends

Thank you to my Vorwerk colleague’s past, and present for all your help, guidance and support.

Thank you to my distributor friends all over the world. This business is wonderful, and I wish you all the best in the future. You have touched my life and are all in my heart.

Thanks to Graham and Sam Mitchell, Dawn, Krystle, Natalie, Jason, Melissa, Celia, Dirk and Warren who helped us through this wonderful journey.

Sub distributors

We were fortunate enough to assist sub distributors in Zimbabwe, Angola and Mozambique. Angola grew to become fully fledged distributors and are now the distributors in Malta. My beautiful friends became family in this process. Thank you Dawn, Jose, Teresa, Niyanta and Rajesh.

In remembrance

We lost some very dear colleagues in this time. You impacted on our Thermomix family, and we will never stop missing you.

Janet Grobler, Ethel Joors, Luis Palomares Jnr, Chef Jacques Fourie, Preshilla Mistry, Bev Le Roux, and Juannez Robbertse


From day 1, part of my vision was to give back, and we managed to do that from the very first year. We have been Blessed through our customers support in Thermomix sales, to give back to various charities every year.

There are too many charities to name, but our 2 main charities were Lambano Sanctuary and Pillars of Hope.

If you wish to support them, please contact them:
Lambano Sanctuary and hospice –
Pillars of Hope – 

Cooking classes

Since the first year, we have had regular cooking classes in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town. 

Our classes ranged from themed classes, Chef classes, children classes, to Basic and Cook Key classes. These have been enjoyed by our customers. 

We are hoping to have cooking classes continue after we close to assist our existing customers. These would be run independently from Port-a-kitchen and will be communicated before end of July. 


Having done Expos from the first year, we met many new and potential clients at wonderful places such as Hostex, Good food and Wine show, Farmers markets, and school markets. 

We worked with Chefs at these events such as J Something, and Australian Masterchef judges at the Appetite Fest. 

SA Odyssey

Our very own South African cookbook released in 2014 and won a Vorwerk award for Cookbook of the year, at the distributors conference in Hong Kong.

This book is still a top seller and is in its 4th print run.


For 10 years we have been sending a weekly recipe to our database.

Our customers have loved this extra recipe, and a huge thank you goes to Catharine Henry for the development of many of these, and to Travis, and Melissa for making sure it gets to all our customers.


We have loved working with so many awesome celebrities from being invited on Reuben Riffels TV show to be working with award winning Jack Rabbits Stephanie Ceronio, Dani Valent, Master chef Australia judges, J Something, and our very own Mimi Jardim.

Loving the SA chef’s association and all their support, we helped their teams at the Culinary Olympics with Thermomixes’ being dropped off in the country of the competition. Thanks to all who helped us do this. 

Contact us for more information