Newsletter - December 2020

Dear friends,

We would like to thank you for supporting Port-a-kitchen this year, and having your Thermomixes repaired with us.

Please take note we are closed and will re open Wednesday 6th 2021 for TM31 and TM5 services and spares.

VERY IMPORTANT – Remember to save this information for 2021:

For any repairs to your TM31 and TM5, log a repair on our portal:

For any spares for your TM31 and TM5, purchase directly on our E store:

To start off the year looking after your health, we have a wonderful surprise.

To say thank you for your support over the years, we have secured this special promotional discount for all orders over $ 75 AUD from “Thermofit with Noni” (

Besides all the amazing recipes you already have, you can now purchase “Thermofit with Noni” recipe books which are full of healthy meals and treats.

Noni also does groups that you can join where she gives you detailed shopping lists, meal plans and delicious recipes.

This discount will apply from now until 31st January 2021. What a wonderful gift for yourself or your friends.

Visit to see all the options in the shop and just use the code:


Wishing you all a wonderful, safe and peaceful Festive season. 

May you all have a much needed rest to start 2021 filled with energy, strength and renewed optimism.